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What to expect with your pool installation

We strongly ask that you read this entire page. At the very least, read the list below.

If anything in the list is not 100% clear, tap that item to scroll down and get more detail.

We strongly ask that you read this entire page. At the very least, read the list to the right.

If anything in the list is not 100% clear, click that item to scroll down and get more detail.

Printable Checklist

Download and print this checkist to help make sure you're ready on the day we arrive!

Building Codes & Permits

Whether you're getting a new pool or replacing a pool, you're going to need a permit from your town's Building Department.

You'll want to learn your town's requirements for distances from buildings, lot lines, septic systems, and utilities. Some towns also have regulations related to conservation areas.

Some towns will require a fence around the yard. Some towns may be satisfied with just a fence on the pool itself.

Some towns have information on the town government web site. You'll be looking for information under the Building Department.

For other towns, you may need to call and speak with someone. Before you call, be sure to have all your questions ready.

  • Distance from dwellings/buildings?
  • Distance from property lines?
  • Distance from septic & utilities?
  • Other placement requirements?
  • Fence requirements?
  • Other safety requirements?
  • Permit costs and inspection schedule?
  • Does the town need any information from your installer (license, insurance, worker's comp affidavit, other)?

Submit Your Request/Contract

You can submit your information online, or download the contract PDF, print, and mail.

Send Your Deposit

We must receive both your completed contract and your deposit before putting you on our schedule.

The deposit for any pool installation is $200.

Paypal or Credit/Debit Card

The fastest and easiest option is to complete the online contract and choose to make your deposit by Paypal.

Once we accept your contract, we'll send you a Paypal invoice, which you can pay online.

You don't need a Paypal account. You can use any credit/debit card and complete the process as a "guest."

Mail a Check

If you prefer, you can mail a check to:

Tom Gaudet Construction Corporation
378 Tremont Street
Rehoboth MA 02769

Coordinating the Schedule

Once we've received your contract and deposit, we'll contact you to coordinate a target installation date.

If you hope to be swimming by memorial day, your best chance is by doing your shopping in March (or earlier) and getting on our list as early as possible.

We'd be happy to talk with you in February!

We know you're anxious about getting your new pool installed!

  • When communicating with us, please have the same person who sent the contract communicate. Often we'll get an email asking about an install, and I have no info at all...only to find later... it is under their spouse/partner's name.
  • No need to call, text, and email about the same issue or question (I'll think it is 3 different people). I check my email, voicemail and text messages  daily (but not hourly).
  • If i haven't reached out to you with an install date, I haven't forgotten you. Look at the 10-day forecast. Ask yourself how many days has it been above 60 degrees and sunny since you sent deposit? Each day that is not 60 and sunny, nobody moves up the list.
  • We want you to be happy with your pool. We want to be able to get the liner as wrinkle-free as possible for you.  To achieve this, we need temps in the 60s (minimum), 70s if cloudy. If you don't mind wrinkles in your liner, let us know. Maybe we can do your job sooner.


We begin installing as soon as the weather cooperates. Unfortunately, weather doesn't always cooperate.

Weather does cause delays, but we do our best to accommodate all our customers.

We need a day with no rain, no heavy wind, and over 55º.


  • Once the weather cooperates, we work 7 days/week, including holidays.
  • Installation dates are given on a first come, first served basis.

  • A date will not be given without a completed contract and deposit.
  • Any target date is dependent on weather. If it rains on your day, your pool will be completed the next workable day. You will not go to the back of the list.
  • Most pool installations take 2-6 hours, depending on the pool and the yard.
  • You do not need to be home during the installation, as long as we have access to every thing we need and we've made arrangements for final payment.

Prepare for Installation Day

The Pool

First and most obviously, make sure you actually have the pool. If your dealer needs to special order the pool, delays can happen.

Secondly, make sure we'll have access to the pool – not locked in a garage or shed.

When the pool is delivered, it's OK to leave it outside. Cover it with a tarp if you wish, but it will be fine. 

Access to the Yard

We'll need to be able to get our equipment to the pool site, and need at least 6-foot width. 

We don't remove fencing or gates – you'll need to make arrangements for anything like that to happen before we arrive.

Let the Ground Dry Out If Possible

If you have an irrigation system or regularly water your lawn, we recommend stopping 2-3 days before we're scheduled to arrive.

Wet ground means soft ground. Soft ground means our equipment will be more likely to tear grass and leave ruts.

We'll Need

  • access to the yard (6-foot width)
  • the pool
  • a working electrical outlet
  • a working water spigot
  • enough garden hose to reach the pool area
  • full payment upon completion – cash, cashiers check, or bank check. Sorry, no credit cards.

Mark Important Locations

It's important to measure and mark the key locations in your yard before we arrive.

Even if you plan to be home for the installation, pointing and telling us, "it's going in that back corner" is not specific enough.

What to Mark

You'll put stakes in the ground to mark at least three locations –

  • the pool
  • the pump/filter
  • where to leave excavation debris

How to Mark

  • Round Pool:

    Mark the center with one stake.

  • Oval Pool:

    Mark with a stake at each of the four "corners."

  • Pump & Filter:

    Mark with two stakes

  • Debris:

    Mark a location for debris (within 75 feet of pool site) with three stakes.

Plan for Filling the Pool

Once the pool is installed, you'll want to fill it in stages to get the best result. Filling the pool too soon or too fast could damage the liner.

Immediately after installation, fill the pool with 12-18" of water, then stop.

Let the liner stretch into place for 24-72 hours. Warmer weather and sunlight will make the liner more pliable and will allow you to proceed sooner. Lower temperatures and overcast weather means you should give it a little more time.

Once the liner is set, but before completely filling the pool, backfill around the perimeter of the pool. This is very important – once the pool is completely filled, there will be 20 to 80 tons of water in the pool, and the bottom without backfill would be a weak spot. We recommend backfilling about 3-4" up the pool wall and topping with crushed stone.

Schedule water delivery trucks to fill the pool after the 24-72 hour waiting/stretching period.

  • Initially, you'll fill the pool to 12-18" depth
  • Wait 24-72 hours.

  • Backfill around the perimeter of the pool.

  • Have water delivery trucks finish filling the pool.
  • We will not be able to wait for the pool to fill.

Plan Electrical Work

Plan to have a licensed electrician visit after installation. Once the pool is filled, you'll want to be able to start running the filter as soon as possible.

At a minimum, you'll need a dedicated circuit/outlet for the pump.

If you have other equipment, such as a salt water chlorine generator, you may need additional electrical work.

If you're getting a gas or propane heater, you'll need to arrange for the gas company or a qualified technician for the heater installation and gas hookup.

  • Electrical hookup for pump/filter

  • Electricity for other accessories/equipment?

  • Gas or propane company for heater?

Plan for Cleanup and Landscaping

The Bad News: There's going to be a bit of a mess when we're done.

The Good News: It's temporary.

In addition to any work you'll want done to beautify your yard, there will be two or three immediate issues.

  • There will be raw earth around the perimeter of the pool and you will need to backfill. After installation and before the pool is completely filled, you should place crushed stone around the perimeter, 3 to 4 inches up the outside of the pool wall. This will help to prevent any kind of washout under the pool wall, protects the liner, protects against erosion, and corrosion.

  • There will be a pile of debris from the excavation. The amount of material varies greatly depending on the size of pool, how out-of-level the pool site was, and what we find underground (roots, rocks, etc.). We'll place it wherever you mark, within 75' of the pool site. Depending on your situation, you may want to have a landscaper take it away.

  • There will very possibly be tracks or ruts from our equipment. If the ground is dry and hard, maybe it won't be so bad. If the ground is soft and wet, it will definitely need attention after we're gone. We'll do our best to minimize damage to the landscape, but you should be prepared. The good news is, ruts can be filled and grass grows back.

  • Backfill around pool with crushed stone.

  • Know what you'll do about the excavation debris, possibly including rocks and roots.

  • Be prepared for the possibility of tracks or ruts from our equipment driving to and from the pool site repeatedly.

Thanks for taking the time to learn what to expect from your pool installation!

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