Above Ground Pool Installation Prices:

Base Prices

Round Pool Base Prices

Pool Size Pool Only Pool w/ Fence Pool w/ Fence & 2-pc Deck*
15' $1,200 $1,700 $2,350
18' $1,300 $1,900 $2,550
20-21'  $1,450 $2,050 $2,650
24'  $1,600 $2,250 $2,850
27-28'  $2,100 $2,900 $3,400
30'  $2,300 $3,300 $3,800
33'  $2,500 $3,700 $4,150

* Deck installation refers to factory-made decks sold with the pool. 
For custom built decks, see our recommendations below.

Oval Pool Base Prices

Pool Size Pool Only Pool w/ Fence Pool w/ Deck & Fence*
12x18' $2,200 $2,700 $3,350
12x24' $2,350 $2,950 $3,600
15x26' $2,550 $3,350 $3,950
15x30'  $2,800 $3,800 $4,400
18x33' $3,100 $4,300 $4,800
18x40' $3,500 $4,900 $5,800
21x43' $4,400 $6,200 $6,600

* Deck installation refers to factory-made decks sold with the pool. 
For custom built decks, see our recommendations below.

Service Area Adjustments

Our service area consists of three zones around our main location in Rehoboth MA.

For a full list of towns in each zone, click below for our service area page.

Custom Decks

If you need a new custom deck built, or an existing deck modified for your new pool, we recommend these licensed and insured contractors.

Jeremy's Carpentry and Remodeling
Phone: 774-606-3311
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gary Mancuso
Phone: 508-740-9295

Options & Extras

Additional Costs

  • Sometimes Necessary

    Standard installation includes leveling up to 12 inches/6" for Namco customers.

    Minimum $200 additional charge for sites more than 12" out of level/6" for Namco customers.

    Namco customers will go by Namco pricing policy. Free excavation for up to 6 inches. Over 6 there will be a fee.

  • Option
    Debris Removal

    $500 per truckload. We normally place excavation debris in a pile, in a location you indicate. If you would like excavation debris removed from your yard, there is an additional charge.

  • Try to Avoid
    Pool Height Matching

    If you replace an existing pool with a pool of a different height, and want the new pool to match the previous height, there will be a minimum additional charge of $500 for round and $800 for oval pools.

    Matching Height of Previous Pool:

    This situation may come up if you had a 48" high pool, and want to replace it with a 52" or 54" high pool, but also need to match the height of an existing deck.

    In these situations, we recommend buying a pool of the same height, or adjusting the height of the deck, if possible.

    Note: The 12" of leveling included in the base installation price is meant for leveling only – not digging a hole the size of the entire pool.

  • Option
    Fitting to Pre-Existing Deck

    $100-$300 minimum, depending on size and situation. Sometimes more. Ask for a quote.

  • Option – Recommended for some pools
    Wall foam

    $50-$150 for labor, depending on size. Materials and adhesive not included.

  • Option
    Bowled Out Middle

    $400. Standard installation has a flat bottom. Some pools can be installed with a deeper middle.

  • Required for Some Pool Models
    Slat-Wall Assembly

    $500 for round pools. $750 for oval pools. 

    Most above ground pool walls are one piece (maybe two). A slat-wall pool uses many extruded aluminum pieces to form the wall.

  • Option for some pools
    Semi-In-ground Installation

    $3,000 to $4,000. Some above ground pools are designed so that they can be safely installed partly or mostly in-ground. These are usually extruded aluminum slat-wall pools.

Included with standard installation:

  • Standard Leveling: We will level a site up to 12" out of level. (6" for some Namco customers.) Sites further out of level will incur an additional charge – minimum $200
  • Pool Base: Mason sand or clay pool base, compacted with plate compactor
  • Pool Assembly: We will assemble and install the pool to the manufacturer's specification, or better.
  • Foundation: 8x8 patio blocks under each vertical support and under each deck support if applicable.
  • Standard Equipment: Assembly and installation of thru-wall skimmer, return, chlorinators, and pump/filtration system including all flex hoses, as long as all parts/supplies are provided.
  • Construction Debris: We will place excavated earth, debris, rocks, roots, sod, etc, within 75' of pool site, in area you have previously clearly marked out for us.
  • Packing Materials: Leave empty cardboard boxes stacked neatly in homeowners' yard.

Not included with standard installation:

  • All prices are for labor only. We can only install what you provide. Know what you are buying. Ask questions before you purchase. For some buying advice, check our Getting Started page.
  • Landscaping around pool: We will not do any landscaping of the pool area.
  • Electrical work: We cannot provide electrical work for pump, heaters, or other equipment. We can provide a referral.
  • Heater Installation: Solar, gas, or electrical heater should be installed by a pool heater specialist. Some saltwater systems may not be included in basic installation. Ask for details.
  • Water: We will not supply pool water, or wait for pool water. Pool should first be filled 12-18" slowly, such as by garden hose, to stretch and set the liner. Filling too quickly can cause damage to the pool or liner. Water tanker trucks should be scheduled for 24-72 hours later.
  • Ladders: We cannot assemble or install any ladder or entry system. Due to insurance restrictions, we can't provide access into the water. We will assemble a ladder that ascends from the ground to a deck, if applicable.
  • About liner imperfections: We cannot guarantee a wrinkle-free liner or footprint-free liner, though we will make every effort to prevent or eliminate both.
  • About landscape damage: We cannot be responsible for damage to lawn or landscape by equipment used. There are many conditions that can lead to tracks or ruts near the pool site, or from gaining access to the pool site.

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