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Above Ground Pool Installation

Since 1999, we've installed more than 3,000 above ground pools across New England.

We install any size or shape of above ground pool, from any retailer.

Standard Installation Includes

  • Excavation as necessary to prepare a flat and level pool site.

  • Sand or clay pool base, packed down with a plate compactor.

  • 8x8 patio blocks under each vertical support, and under decks supports if applicable.

  • Pool assembly and installation, to the manufacturer's specification, or better.

  • Pool fence and/or deck assembly, if applicable.

  • Equipment assembly and installation, including through-wall skimmer, pump & filter system, and some other accessories. (Note: we don't install heaters.)

Next Steps:

If you haven't bought your pool yet, check out the Getting Started link for info and advice about planning for your pool.

If you've already bought your pool and you're ready to move forward, check out What to Expect, look at our Prices and Book a Pool Installation!