Pool Installation:

Base Prices

Round Pools

Pool Size Base Price
15' $595
18' $595
20-21'  $625
24'  $725
27-28'  $795
30'  $850
33'  $895

Oval Pools

Pool Size Base Price
12x18' $650
12x24' $700
15x26'  $795
15x30'  $795
18x33'  $850
18x40'  $995
21x43'  $1095
Options & Extras

Additional Costs

  • Sometimes Necessary
    Bowled/Deeper Middle

    $50-$200 additional cost due the added work and time stretching liner into the pool

  • Sometimes Necessary
    Fence on Pool or Deck Obstructing Access

    If you have a fence or deck, there may be an additional cost. Contact us to discuss details.

  • Option – Recommended for some pools
    Wall Foam

    $50-$150 for labor, depending on size. Materials and adhesive not included. Recommended for heated pools.

  • Rectangular Pool Liner Replacement
    Rectangular Pools

    Add $300 to the price of the similar oval size.

  • Best to Avoid
    Water from Old Liner

    More than an inch or two of water remaining in the old liner when we arrive can result in extra cost and possibly delay or rescheduling. 

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