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Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement

Liner replacements are available for most pool, makes and models. Choosing the right liner is important for a proper fit. Size, height and shape are a few things to consider.

Be sure to measure correctly, and don`t forget the height (usually 48 inches or 52 inches). To determine the correct height, please don't just measure from the ground to the top of the pool. The pool wall is usually buried in at least a few inches of dirt. Dig down to find the bottom of the pool wall and  then measure to the top of the wall.

Note: Once unpacked, liners are often non-refundable.

The liner attaches to the wall in one of several ways  – overlap, unibead, J-hook, or standard bead. It is essential to purchase to right type of liner for your pool. 

There are many different colors and designs to choose from, as well as different thickness.

Standard Liner Replacement Includes

  • Remove existing liner from pool. bag it, and place it in customers' trash/recycling pickup area.

  • Install floor protection (like Rhino Pad or Gorilla Pad) and foam cove at no additional charge. These products provide additional protection at the bottom of the pool against rocks, roots, insects, etc. This is labor only. You must provide the materials, if you want them. Wall foam is not included in the base price, but we will install it for an additional fee. You must provide all materials, including adhesive.

  • Install new liner to manufacturer's specification, or better.

  • Provide coping for overlap liners or liner-lock for beaded liners, as needed at no additional charge.

  • Skim bed of pool to remove existing craters or mounds. 

  • Use a vacuum to pull air from behind liner and prevent excessive wrinkling.

  • Reconnect all hoses, lights, and alarms that were there when we started the job.