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Pool Installation Contract

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Let us know when you would like the work done.

Note: If you choose ASAP, that could be anything between tomorrow and several weeks, depending on our schedule. Please only choose ASAP if you are ready, have all the materials, and have everything prepared.

Otherwise, let us know when you expect to have all the materials and be completely ready.

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A deposit of $200 is required for any pool installation. A spot will only reserved on our schedule after we receive a deposit. Submitting this request without a deposit does NOT reserve a spot on our schedule.

There are two options for sending your deposit – sending it through Paypal, either with a Paypal account or as a guest with any Credit/Debit card, or by mailing a check. Obviously, the PayPal option will get you on our list faster.

If you choose PayPal, a PayPal payment screen will pop up to process your deposit. You will be returned here after completing the deposit.

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Terms of Service

Please click each heading and read each of the three sections.

  • Tom Gaudet Construction Will:
    1. Level site up to 12" (6" for Namco customers). Sites that are further out of level will incur additional charges - $200 minimum.
    2. Install pool to manufacturer's specification or better.
    3. Use mason sand or clay for pool base, and compact with plate compactor.
    4. Use 8" patio blocks under each vertical support and under each deck support, if applicable.
    5. Assemble and install thru-wall skimmer, return, chlorinators, and pump/filter system, including all flex hoses, as long as parts are provided. Some saltwater systems may not be included in basic installation. Ask for details.
    6. Place excavated earth, rocks, roots, sod, debris, etc. within 75' of pool site, in an area you have clearly marked for us.
    7. Leave empty cardboard boxes stacked neatly in homeowner's yard.
  • Tom Gaudet Construction Will NOT:
    1. Do any landscaping of pool site.
    2. Do any electrical work.
    3. Install any heater.
    4. Supply any water or wait for pool to fill. Water tanker trucks should be scheduled for 24-72 hours after the customer has added 12-18" of water to the pool, stretching the liner into place. Note: Filling the pool too quickly can damage the pool or liner.
    5. Guarantee wrinkle-free or footprint-free liner. Every effort will be made to eliminate both.
    6. Be responsible for damage to lawn or landscape from the equipment used. Due to slope of yard, drainage (or lack of), recent rainfall, or winter melt, our equipment may leave tracks or ruts.
    7. Assemble or install ladder or entry system. Due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to provide access to the water. We will assemble a lass that ascends from ground to deck, if applicable.
  • It Is The Customer's Responsibility To:
    1. Know the building codes for your town regarding allowable placement of the pool.
    2. Mark the intended pool location as discussed on the "What to Expect" page.
    3. Ensure that what you purchase – including the ladder and/or entry system – complies with local safety codes.
    4. Get permit from your local building department.
    5. Notify us if you need any documentation for the building department, such as insurance, license, etc.
    6. Provide clear access for our equipment to pool site – minimum 6' width. Cars, trash cans, fence panels, furniture, toys, etc. should be moved prior to our arrival. There will be an additional fee if we cannot get our bobcat to the pool site.
    7. Inform us of any/all subsurface issues (irrigation, gas lines, septic, water, electrical, etc.) before we begin site work.
    8. Provide working electrical outlet, and water with a garden hose long enough to reach the pool site.
    9. Fill the pool with 12-18" of water immediately. Stop filling and allow liner to stretch into place for 24-72 hours, depending on temperature. Ask for details.
    10. Place crushed stone 3-4" up the exterior pool wall around the perimeter of the pool before it is completely filled.
    11. Know the retailer's and/or manufacturer's policies regarding defective liners. In the unlikely event that the liner is defective, it is the customer's responsibility to obtain a new liner from the retailer. We will install the replacement liner for free.
Please read the above Terms of Service and check the box to indicate you agree. If you do not agree, feel free to use the general contact form to ask us a question.
Please read the "What to Expect" page and check the box to indicate you understand. If you do not understand, feel free to use the general contact form to ask us a question.