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Liner Installation Contract

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Installation Date

Let us know when you would like the work done.

Note: If you choose ASAP, that could be anything between tomorrow and several weeks, depending on our schedule. Please only choose ASAP if you are ready, have all the materials, and have everything prepared.

Otherwise, let us know when you expect to have all the materials and be completely ready.

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A deposit of $100 is required for any pool liner replacement. A spot will only reserved on our schedule after we receive a deposit. Submitting this request without a deposit does NOT reserve a spot on our schedule.

There are two options for sending your deposit – sending it through Paypal, either with a Paypal account or as a guest with any Credit/Debit card, or by mailing a check. Obviously, the PayPal option will get you on our list faster.

If you choose PayPal, we will send you an electronic invoice showing you total amount for the liner installation, with the option to pay in full or pay the $100 minimum deposit.

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Terms of Service

Please click each heading and read each of the three sections.

  • Tom Gaudet Construction Will:
    1. Remove existing liner from pool, bag it, and place in customer`s recycle area or trash pick-up area. We may be able to remove from site for a fee if we have room in van.
    2. Install Gorilla Pads, Rhino Pad, and/or foam cove free of charge. Customers concerned about possible liner puncture from rocks, roots, structural steel, burrowing insects, etc. are encouraged to provide these products.
    3. Wall foam can be installed for $100 fee – you must provide wall foam and adhesive glue spray.
    4. Install liner to manufacturer's specification, or better.
    5. Provide coping for overlap liners and liner-lock for beaded liner, as needed, at no additional charge.
    6. Skim bed of pool to remove existing craters or mounds.
    7. Use a vacuum, where applicable, to remove excess wrinkles from liner during installation.
    8. Re-connect all hoses, lights, and alarms that were there when we started the job, at no additional charge.
  • Tom Gaudet Construction Will NOT:
    1. Wait for more than an inch or two of water to pump from existing liner without charging a fee.
    2. Be responsible for wrong size or wrong type of liner bought by customer.
    3. Be responsible for leaks due to manufacturer's defect (seam separation). However most retailers will provide a new liner at no charge and will cover all or most of the labor fee, provided you find said defect and show to them. Burden of proof is with you. Check with your retailer.
    4. Guarantee wrinkle-free or footprint-free liner. Every effort will be made to eliminate both.
    5. Be responsible for leaks due to “Acts of God” i.e. fallen trees, ice damage, winter damage, excessive rain or snowfall, high winds, burrowing insects, etc.
    6. Be responsible for any damage to pool, liner, or site including dwellings, structurally or cosmetically as the result of filling with water tanker truck or defective parts, including pool, liner, pump and filter.
  • It Is The Customer's Responsibility To:
    1. Make sure the pool is empty when we arrive. A puddle or two is fine. 8” is not fine. 600lbs of wet leaves is not fine. Puncture liner when down to last few inches when draining. Any remaining water will soak into ground. Any rain will soak into ground. Wet leaves will dry.
    2. Provide the correct size, shape, and type of liner and have it easily accessible at the time of installation.
    3. Provide a new water-tight skimmer and return assembly. I cannot guarantee your old skimmer. There will be a service call fee to come back out and replace a skimmer. You would also have to drain pool below return level.
    4. Provide a “live” electrical source for us to plug our tools in.
    5. Provide a water source with enough garden hose to reach the pool. Collapsible hoses are no good. Severe leak at house = BAD.
    6. Let us know if your pool has a deeper middle or deck around any or all of the pool. We need to know if it is a factory bought deck (steel) or a custom made deck (wood). There may be an additional charge if the middle is deeper (more time needed to fill with water and remove wrinkles). If the deck on the pool prevents us from easily disassembling the top of the pool (if necessary), there may be an addition fee.
    7. Fill the pool with 12-18" of water immediately. Stop filling and allow liner to stretch into place for 24-72 hours, depending on temperature. Ask for details.
    8. Know the retailer’s and/or manufacturer’s policy regarding defective liners. In the unlikely event that the liner is defective, it is the customer’s responsibility to locate the defect and get replacement liner. I will provide labor to install the new liner at no cost to you.
    9. Have payment ready when job is completed. Personal checks are accepted for initial deposit only. Final payment must be cash, bank check, or money order.
Please read the above Terms of Service and check the box to indicate you agree. If you do not agree, feel free to use the general contact form to ask us a question.
Please read the "What to Expect" page and check the box to indicate you understand. If you do not understand, feel free to use the general contact form to ask us a question.